Jesus spoke with authority & authenticity. We can too!

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Scripture: Luke 4:31-37; 20:1-8

1.  All recognized that Jesus spoke with authority and authenticity.

Jesus was always teaching. Officer of Pharisees “no man ever spoke like this man.” He did not claim delegated authority. The prophets always began “The Lord said...” Jesus said “I say to you...All the people where spellbound (hung on) by His words.”  We should attempt to be authentic and authoritative.

2.  Jesus is in the business of removing demons, evil spirits.

All people have demons or sin and Jesus is in the business of removing sin. Rescue only happens if one wants to be delivered. Christ can cure you of all demons or sins.  Once you make the leap you must accept the gifts. Arrogant and render Christ’s death on the cross useless if we can’t accept forgiveness.

3.  A good technique for witnessing is asking questions.

Jesus was wise He ask questions instead of arguing or browbeat someone. We can do the same. “Are you happy with your life?” Are you ever afraid?” I am and share your personal feelings or experience.

4. Followers of Christ are to cast out demons.

If He is in the business of saving humans, we should be to. Paul Tillich said, “Rejoice that you have been called to the vocation of redeeming and rescuing humans from sin and helping renew relationship with God.” Rejoice that your sins are forgiven and pray to be a hopeful beacon of rescue for others.