Focus on divine, not human things

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Scripture: Matthew 16:13-23

1.  A crucial question in and outside the church is who we think Jesus is.

Son of man is His favorite title, used over 80 times in scripture. His name is inescapable. Thought to be a prophet. Peter was right “You are the Messiah, the Son of God.” Jesus made sense out of the madness of an evil world. 

2.  One cannot make full confession that Jesus is the Christ without divine revelation.

Faith requires a flash of revelation, won’t come through reason alone. Procedure of intellect, emotion and consideration. The Spirit can witness in sermons or lessons, acts of mercy, joy or dripping tears.

3.  The protestant view is that Peter’s confession is the foundation of the church.  Catholics believe that Peter as pope is the foundation.

View only in Matthew, not Luke or Mark. James was the head of the early church and foundation of was Jesus, not Peter. Jesus demands a yes or no decision from each of us.

4. The final role for the church is to defeat evil and the powers of death.

“Going to build my church and the powers of evil and death will not prevail.” High calling for us evil and death fighters. Christ promises success.

5. The duty of Christians is to focus on divine things, not human things.

The Son of God is the source of grace, the ground of hope and worthy of prayer, adoration and confession. Follow him!