The first journey was over travelers and the church rejoiced

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Scripture: Acts 13:1-12; 14_24-28

1.  Church at Antioch vibrant and seriously worshipped. God used it.

Paul is the main man; had Jewish background, Roman freedom, understanding of faith, heart for God and people. His capacity to speak and write was unmatched. His immortal words still encourage us.

2.  First missionary journey signals the movement toward universal faith.

Three great strengths: Church behind them; friends in the faith to walk, talk, laugh and cry with; and Holy Spirit in the work. Jesus sent the 70 out in pairs, especially if at risk. God, Church, and each other is all we need for grand and victorious work. 

3.  First encounter on the trip was a magician, Elymus. Sorcerers still exist.

Elymus wanted to distract intelligent ruler. Always characters with their bag of tricks seeking to bend the will of God to the will of man. They use God or promise wealth and health. Almost always contrary to will of God. No sin, no need for salvation in their message. Paul not deceived. God made Elymus blind for a time and ruler stunned by power believes. Shows the power of teaching. 

4.  When the first journey was over travelers and the church rejoiced.

Church celebrated faith of Gentiles. Wasn’t easy. Paul stoned, left for dead, but lived. Despite suffering still joy. Glorious things happen when faithful. Rejoice that First Church always did the best thing in the worst times. How will we respond today? Two heart people love God and others while taking on the difficult challenges of ministry.