Faith is not steady...requires leaps in being.

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Scripture: Acts 6

1.  The church is a body with different duties and multiple responsibilities. 

Early church is growing, some widows neglected, Apostles busy with preaching and evangelism so have disciples elect 7 wise and Spirit-filled to take on daily duties. Greek diakonia - distribution of food and diakoneo - waiting on tables. Today deacons, younger leaders with daily responsibilities who then move to session/governing body. Church a Spiritual matrix holding all members.  Different gifts and duties, but all important functions for God.

2.  Stephen is the model of the solitary believer in the church.

Single believers set themselves apart from unbelievers, say I commit myself to this Christ. In early church confessions were often prelude to martydom. Stephen was full of grace and power, but died for faith. Said Lord receive my spirit and forgive those who kill me.  Most of us just called to give time and money. Best congregations live “I believe” lives joyfully taking on God’s duties.

3.  Ideally the faith should not be steady state. There should be “leaps” in being.

“Leaps in being” reactions that move in and out of steady state. Ruptures occur when Christ interferes in our lives. Change is sanctification, moving forward growing into maturity and faith...more Christ-like. Need to take leaps like Abraham, Apostles, Paul and Stephen. Start waiting tables then move to giving more.  Jesus model life - carpenter, taught locally, healed, described Father, died on cross and became Savior of the world. We all are called to be like Christ.