Paul proved faith has nothing to fear from thinking

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Scripture: Acts 9: 1-19

1.  The conversion of Saul is the most important in Church history. 

Saul was the greatest persecutor and the greatest theologian of Church.  His writings helped convert millions throughout history. 

2.  The miraculous Damascus road experience made Paul a twice-born person.

Defining before and after in his life. Fanatical persecutor before and after the most zealous evangelist. Thought his conversion was foreordained. God had his eye on Paul. Jesus demands second birth. Not so dramatic for most of us. Self becomes second and God becomes first. Need to listen for God’s quiet demands and say yes.

3.  The mortal hero of Paul’s conversion was Ananias. He is the model of the everyday hero of Christ.

Mighty acts of God depend on humans.  Ananias, a mystery, except he was a disciple. Disciple’s a good second name. Ananias characteristics: was available to God, here I am Lord; willing to question God, he is evil and I am afraid; went in spite of his fears; showed the enemy love “Brother Saul”; told resurrection and baptized him. Paul received physical and spiritual sight. We can be God’s agents.

4.  End result of Paul’s conversion was permanent theology of Christianity.

Paul proved faith has nothing to fear from thinking. Albert Schwitzer said, “Paul is the patron saint of thought. Those who want to squelch thought should stay out of his way.” Paul leads us to deeper understanding of sin and forgiveness, making us finishers for God.