Commitment: If we trust, there are no limits to what God will do

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Scripture: Luke 1:39-45; 76-79

1.  Usual first step in commitment is belief without proof, definition of faith. 

Angel Gabriel appears to Zacharias, “don’t be afraid, Elizabeth will bear you a his name John.” He is struck speechless due to unbelief. If we will only trust there are no limits to what God will do. Sometimes certainty comes only after a long journey. Those with a heart for God know His demands: love, justice and mercy. Paul said, “I know whom I have believed” not what or why, but WHOM!

2.  While commitment has to be personal, it is strengthened when shared.

His name is John. Gabriel had told Mary about Elizabeth and she went to share her joy. When she arrived, Elizabeth’s child leaped in her womb. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. “Blessed are you among women...why has it been given to me to see the mother of the Lord.” Joy now, sorrow later. Never know what a commitment to Christ will cost us. One of the rewards on faith journey is the Church’s support, enhances strengths and shares burdens.

3.  When commitment has been made it is expected to be shared.

God expects action from us. Zacharias, a priest said, the dayspring of on high has visited us ...bringing light to those in darkness. Pride is what destroys us, it is a cancer that eats up common sense. We move from a certainty in Christ...who transforms us to serve Him in the world.