Christians called to love believers and strangers

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Scripture: Hebrews 13:1-16; 20, 21

1.  Christians called to love two targets: believers and strangers.

Summary of how to live and die. Love is the primary command. Love merges the Church into one effective body. Hospitality to strangers important due to needs or might even be meeting Jesus!

2.  Remember those who are in prisons.

We should ministering to those behind prison walls, but many are prisoners of self -- without love, hope or peace.

3.  Honor marriage.

God instituted at the very beginning so deserves respect. Important to stability of community. Children need protection. Divorce is always costly emotionally, financially, and socially.

4. Do not love money and be content with what you have.

Christ will never forsake you, so nothing to fear. Money cannot save it is transient. Greed is a great problem. Church and those blessed with goods fill the gap for others.

5. Remember those who taught you and that Christ is unchangeable.

Bible must be passed on. Christ allows us to spread our wings and fly. What we think may change but Christ never does. Forever on the cross, forever Savior, instrument of grace, companion on the way, receives us unto Himself.

6. Our primary duty is “outside the camp”.

Christ was sacrificed outside the gate we should join Him there. In camp is worship, hope, and preparation to go out into world. There we express our faith and witness through word and deed. With Christ a triumph life is achieved.