Call of Christ is about life. It is also about death.

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Scripture: Luke 1:46-55

1.  Grace is prevenient in every commitment to God. 

God seeks relationship with humans and gives a yes or no choice.  Christmas starts briskly focused in history.  “When Jesus was born in Bethlehem in the days of Ceasar Augustus.”  Mary first commitment. Call comes then relationship.  Might be a sermon, book, illness, but grace always comes before human steps out. One call or multiple calls. John E. Mitchell “If you can’t be anything else you can be a fool for God.”

2.  The Magificant contains the core Gospel.

Quite remarkable how sophisticated it is “My soul rejoices...He who is mighty has done great things...The whole universe will call me blessed.”  Then shifts to Gospel. “And His mercy is on those who hear His call.” Salvation. Baby not born yet, but she speaks in future past tense. “He has done this...”

3.  Mary a model of faith but not immaculately conceived or bodily assumed.

She was at beginning and end. “A sword will pierce your heart.”  Hard to see a child die. Nothing in the Bible for Doctrine of Mary.  She was not equal with Jesus, just his human mother.  Honor her for her witness and accepting God’s call.

4.  The call of Christ is about life.  It is also about death.

We also are called to declare mercy and justice. Life after death. Gift of relationship with God is peace at end. We need to increase invitation to friends and family. Come see what Christians really do. Must share great gifts of the Gospel.