Auto Parts Companies Stay in Front of Customers

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Auto Parts Companies benefit from The Parts Connection

Mike Griffin, Bob Howard PDC General Manager

Bob Howard Parts Distribution Center, here in Oklahoma City….we are one of the larger wholesale distributors in the United States …we cover eight lines of OEM Parts, our typical customer is our mechanical and collision stores…we also do some D-to-D to our dealers…we’ve been in the business… [uh]….since 2002 when we combined a lot of other wholesale stores into one … 221,000 square foot building…

Parts Connection is one of our major players… [uh]…they really represent our face to our customer. ….we’ve had a growth since probably the last five years, so over 55% in sales, and I contribute a lot of that to The Parts Connection…they do a really, really great job for us and for our customers. 

…we’ve been on the program since 1985…to really be one more step for us, to be out in front of the customers…you know there’s a lot of competition out there, and in a day’s time, uh, the more you have your name out there, in front of you, the contests that The Parts Connection runs, um, really is a difference maker for us. 

…it’s all about getting your name out in front of your customer, and they do a really good job for us…they send out 110,000 mailers a month for us, the buzz from the drawings they do, uh, customers love it, and obviously if the customers love it, we love it. 

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