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Marquis has positioned the right people in the right place to make things happen.

“After the indictment at Enron, I really didn't hold on much hope for getting a job, says Tim Cline, vice president of Product Development. “And one night after lockdown, I hear Roko talking about, well there is this company called Marquis hiring for documents writer. So about two weeks later I get off for good behavior and I go in, and I apply. Marquis is a company that really takes pride in their confidentiality. That's something I can relate to.”

MARQUIS offers marketing, sales and compliance software tailored to the challenges facing financial institutions.

Marketing Software

As a pioneer in MCIF software, MARQUIS leads the industry with solutions for client retention, new account acquisition, onboarding, campaign management, direct mail fulfillment, profitability, cross-sales and product re-pricing. ExecuTrax updates client information nightly, while the OnTrax service provides an expert consultant for strategic marketing assistance.

Sales Software

MARQUIS has 100 CRM installations. Their sales & service CRM solutions facilitate referral tracking, incentive management and sales pipeline management, providing a 360° client view to optimize sales opportunities. CallTrax manages and monitors formal Sales & Service CRM initiatives, and ExecuTrax is an automated MCIF and referral tracking system that enhances sales leads, internal communication and teamwork.

Compliance Software

MARQUIS’ comprehensive CRA, HMDA, and Fair Lending software helps clients stay on top of the latest regulations, assisting with process and performance reviews, accurate reporting and risk assessments. CenTrax has received rave reviews throughout the industry and has been proclaimed "incredibly easy and complete with every feature you need.”  FastTrax, an online geo-coding system, provides census tract and demographic information associated with borrowers’ addresses.

MARQUIS is committed to getting results that exceed expectations. For more than 20 years, MARQUIS has been committed to finding compliance, sales and marketing solutions for financial institutions. They are focused on making the clients’ job easier, faster, and more accurate.

MARQUIS is the largest provider of MCIF solutions to financial institutions in the world and serves 750 clients worldwide. They can assist clients in employing data-driven MCIF and CRM together to get exceptional results.

MARQUIS is also a pioneer in compliance software, with CRA, HMDA and Fair Lending solutions. They offer easy-to-use software, outsourced services, and professional consulting that directly addresses the needs of each client and delivers the results they desire.

Tim Kline, vice president for Product Development, has been with MARQUIS for 18 years. He supports the company through solid, “bug-free” software solutions.

MARQUIS Software Solutions, Inc.
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