Austin homes for sale | Joe Longton sells luxury homes

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Austin Homes for Sale | Broker Associate Joe Longton sells luxury homes, condominiums


Broker Associate Joe Longton is a 30 year veteran of the real estate business with over $300,000,000 in real estate sales. Joe started his career as a top producing commercial real estate broker in Dallas, Texas, brokering “close in” land assemblies and managing high end condominium conversions in the Oak Lawn area near downtown Dallas.

In 1985, Joe moved to Austin, TX and rapidly became one of the highest producing real estate brokers on Lake Travis. Hehas the distinction of being the project manager and exclusive broker for the prestigious Costa Bella subdivision and the 1,200 acre Rough Hollow development on Lake Travis. Today, Joe’s primary focus is the luxury home market in Westlake, West Austin, Lake Austin, Tarrytown and the luxury high rise condos of downtown Austin,TX. 

Here's what Joe Longton shares in this Video proFile:

I’m Joe Longton with Home City Real Estate. 

My business consists of selling residential real estate with a specialty in luxury homes.  I believe I have the sole distinction of being chosen as the project manager and exclusive broker on two major luxury home site divisions here in Austin, Texas.  That's something I’m very proud of.  In the case of Costa Bella, I sold all 56 luxury homes there at least one time and several of them twice.  With Rough Hollow, I sold approximately $45 million worth of luxury property there in my first three years.  Now even though I’ve sold a lot of luxury homes in my time as a realtor, I love selling mid-range, homes that are $300,000 to $500,000 and I sell a lot of them.

I find that people in the high end and mid-range are really basically the same.  They love their families, they’re really excited about finding something that's special for them that's going to last them a long time and that's what excites me.  And finding the right property for that group of people, no matter what price range they’re in. 

So, no matter who my buyer or seller is they know I’m gonna work hard for them.  I mean, they know I’m excited for them.  They know that I’m going to find the right property.  Now I’m a bit old school, I’ll still knock on doors and find that right house for somebody.

And I’m not kidding; I will actually knock on doors and find the right house for somebody if it’s not available on the market today.  That is the distinction that I have over many, many other realtors in this town. 

I have a secret weapon in helping my clients find their home and that’s the Home City website.  The technology is second to none and the site is so easy to use.  My clients start their search with  and I’m there to help them finish the deal. 

I think what gets me up in the morning is the satisfaction and the smiles of my clients.  There is no better feeling than that. 

If you’re buying or selling residential real estate and you want to accomplish your goals in a way that’ll make you and your family happy for a real long time, then please call me.

Austin Homes for Sale | Broker Associate Joe Longton

Joe Longton has been a top producer in the luxury home market for many years. He is passionate about his work and passionate about helping his clients achieve their home purchasing and home selling goals.