Creating emotional connections between organizations & customers

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President and Chief Marketing Officer, Donna Bender, of The Donna Bender Company, specializes in Sustainable Branded Marketing and Promotional Strategies for a wide range of clients and partners. Why Sustainable Marketing? One reason: it lasts a long time and therefore is extremely cost-effective. Another reason is that The Donna Bender Company is focused on using sustainable products to help their eco-friendly clients build their image and promote their brand.

Led by creative and experienced professionals, The Donna Bender Company understands the importance of a corporate image and "the message on the street" that comes to mind when someone hears the name of a person or company. What makes The Donna Bender Company unique is the exceptional personal assistance they provide to large corporations, small businesses and entrepreneurs. The Donna Bender Company constantly explores new opportunities to grow their client's business, further develop the client's corporate and personal image, create brand awareness and increase profitability…all at the same time.

And with Donna's extensive executive experience in marketing and branding, she is often hired as a Fractional Marketing Consultant by clients in both the Not-for-Profit and For-Profit arenas.

The Donna Bender Company works with clients who need to create an emotional connection between their own organizations and their target audience. First, they begin with the creation of the marketing message; they define the branding; and next they recommend branded promotional products and other marketing tools to deliver the client's message. The result is a strong platform for any company to enhance its relationship with customers, employees, new business prospects, or any audience. No two client programs are alike; giving individual attention to each client’s requirements underscores the originality of each and every marketing program.

When it’s done right, the marketing campaign uses branded products to communicate a specific theme or message to a target audience. This is the most cost-effective way to create brand recognition, stimulate sales, recognize employees, reward performance, promote goodwill and achieve dozens of other important goals for any business or organization.

The Donna Bender Company - "Making sure our clients stay on the minds of their clients every day!"

The Donna Bender Company
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Addison, TX 75001
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Women's Business Council Southwest
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