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  • 23 tips for smart business video

    Does your business have video yet? 

    1. Life has become FAST and BUSY
    2. People are more WEB SAVVY on the INTERNET
    3. BUSINESS VIDEO is where YOUR CUSTOMERS are spending time
    4. VIDEO MARKETING is the latest trend
    5. VIDEO MARKETING is getting bigger and bigger
    6. ONE minute of VIDEO is WORTH more than 1,000 WORDS
    7. Chances of PAGE 1 LISTINGS on GOOGLE increases 53 times with video
    8. On average VISITORS STAY 2 MINUTES LONGER when they watch video
    9. By 2017 VIDEO WILL BE 90% of all Internet traffic
    10. 93% of online marketers USE VIDEOS
    11. 65% visit a website AFTER VIEWING VIDEO and make purchasing decisions
    12. Over 1 BILLION unique users visit YOUTUBE every month
    13. 87% of social media users FOLLOW Brand Videos
    14. Posts with video links WILL ATTRACT 5X MORE VISITORS
    15. Online Videos are 100% MORE socially engaging
    16. Video marketing gets you
    17. If you're not producing ONLINE VIDEO for your brand, START NOW
    18. Consumers are WATCHING THEM
    19. Consumers are FOLLOWING THEM and making PURCHASE DECISIONS based on them
    20. If your business does not HAVE VIDEO you are BEHIND THE COMPETITION
    21. WE ARE EXPERTS in creating online videos
    22. VIDEO can help you get more OUT OF YOUR WEBSITE
    23. CLICK NOW and change your business forever...


    See the Infographic: Why you need Smart Business Video to present yourself.

    Learn more about Smart Business Video at Ross R. Mason's blog:  engaging:VIDEO | notes to present yourself


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  • A great pitch has order in business video

    One of the top results should be your online video.

    Ross R. Mason: A great pitch reflect in the simplest way that you've really done your homework.

    To be relevant online today, you really need to discuss your product, or service, or what you do, in terms of key work, phrases, and important concepts, and then align those things with the talking points that you cover in your videos. You may have referred to your business a certain way for a very long time, and yet a majority of the people today could be searching using a completely different phrase, for exactly the same thing.

    So order with online video comes by aligning what you have to say with how people are searching.

    So that when they're searching online for a solution that you can provide, one of the top results could be your online video.


    engaging:VIDEO series Notes to present yourself 

    Ross R. Mason and Motion Media Solutions video production.  


  • Secrets to Smart Video

  • Secrets to smart video


    engaging:VIDEO series from Ross R. Mason and Motion Media Solutions on its blog, engaging:VIDEO | note to present yourself


  • Smart business video is not just social

    A powerful communication tool...not just social.

    Ross R. Mason: It's common place today because of the popularity of YouTube, for a lot of people to think about online video as a social network activity. It's so much more than that.

    If you think about your business from the standpoint of what facts people are interested in in your industry, what important questions do prospects, customers have when they come to do business with you. And when you sit down to advise your client on your authority, and demonstrate the knowledge that you have, these things can be shared through online video in a very powerful way.

    Online video is a powerful communication tool, if video is not just social.


    engaging:VIDEO series  Notes to present yourself 

    Ross R. Mason and Motion Media Solutions Video Production.  


  • Smart Business Video Production in Dallas, TX

    Stunning, effective & collaborative. Corporate video production services for business.

    Motion Media Solutions is a video production agency which delivers high-quality, clear and effective business videos. Our effective video solutions are more than just video production... we listen, conduct research, coach, write, design motion graphics & animation, shoot, edit and provide online distribution services to present yourself. From quick, effective online advertising videos to extensively planned corporate communications, Motion Media Solutions is a trusted video production partner to many high-profile organizations.
    Our Video proFile® is the quickest way to present yourself, products and professional services with online video. Used by corporations and business professionals, Video proFile videos promote services, products, locations, sales professionals and franchisees. Simple, effective & affordable.
    If your corporate video production requires capturing unique visual elements on-location, our professional directors, crew and lighting equipment will meet and surpass your specifications! After producing your video with sophisticated editing, motion graphics & animation, we launch your video message online using our Video proFile Page syndication across major video sharing platforms, linking client websites, and enhancing search ranking.
    We believe online video is NOW as important as having a website! For business professionals, the decisions involved to produce high quality, effective video production are complex. That’s why at Motion Media Solutions, we work hard, every day, to listen and understand your business, and then coach our clients through the production and distribution process, with simple, effective and affordable solutions designed to help you succeed. With smart video SEO distribution, effective messaging helps identify your products or services when prospects are searching -- and today, prospects are increasingly searching for videos about the solutions they need. We look forward to showing you how it can help you PRESENT YOURSELF!
    Video proFile™ is a Motion Media Solutions and Ross R. Mason video production service for business professionals to present yourself.
  • Smart video goes in every email

    Video proFile page is smart for search + sharing

    Smart business video goes in every email to increase views, opens and conversions.

    • Adding video to email boosts open rates by 20%
    • Video email increases click-through rates two to three times
    • Using "video" in email subject lines reduces unsubscribes by 26%

    For these reasons, the profile section of the Video proFile page was designed to be like your hosted video business card.  Watch the video and see how easy it is to add the video as your email signature, or to any email for marketing purposes!

    Smart business video goes in every email. 


    engaging:VIDEO series  Notes to present yourself 

    Ross R. Mason and Motion Media Solutions Video Production.  


  • You don't need a million views for viral VIDEO

    Every video can be viral

    Ross R. Mason: A lot of people focus on whether or not a video is successful in the internet, if it goes viral, if it gets millions of views.

    In business, video can be viral. When people in your industry see it, when your clients have a chance to see it, or people that refer to your business, if they like it, if they comment on the video, if you can encourage them to share the video, that makes it viral. And so the secret is, the smart business video can be viral. 



    engaging:VIDEO series  Notes to present yourself 

    Ross R. Mason and Motion Media Solutions Video Production.