College funding strategies - My College Strategy

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College funding strategies - My College Strategy

College funding strategies can help you save ON, not just for the cost of college by:

  • Guiding you on how to save ON, not just for the cost of college and reduce your out-of-pocket college costs - regardless of your finances.
  • Advising you on how to become eligible for more financial aid and grants for college.
  • Helping you decide which college savings option is best suited for you ( 529 plans, savings bonds, etc.) and suggest effective strategies for funding any shortfalls (PLUS loans, Stafford loans, private student loans, home equity, etc.).
  • Informing you about scholarships for college that your student qualifies for and how to get this free money for college.
  • Providing you with hands-on coaching and guidance through the entire college admissions, financial aid and forms process - to help you in your efforts to send your student to the right college, for the right reasons and at the right price!

My College Strategy was founded on a simple premise that people should be able to save on college, not just save for college. My name is Bryant Smith and I am the president of My College Strategy. Over the past 20 years as a certified financial planner, I helped families and individuals reach their financial goals and dreams. Every time we talked about college, the deer in the headlights look came over their face, and I realized something had to change, and that's why founded

If you didn't know it, over the next five years, it's going to cost you $100,000; let me say that again, $100,000 for you to send your son or daughter to college. Now that's ridiculous to me. Everyone's going to have to pay for college, but there's no reason for you to pay more than you have to.

My College Strategy, what we do is we sit down just like a doctor sits down with you and we diagnose your specific problem and ailment and we come back with a game plan to help you reach those financial goals of sending your son or daughter to the right college.

In addition to college planning we offer additional services. One would be essay preparation and critiquing, loan preparation, application preparation, FASFA, making sure that's in on time and done right and also interview process when your son and daughter visits their college.

Many people say, "Bryant, is it too late if I have got a junior or senior in high school?" I tell them know it's never too late. It's always great if you start early. As a matter of fact, we’d love for you to start early, but the last thing I ever wanted is somebody to think it's too late for college planning.

One of the biggest myths I hear all the time is, ‘Bryant, I make too much money. I make a nice six-figure income. There's no way that you can help me.’ Well, we have actually sat down with individuals just like I said and we’ve saved them tens of thousands of dollars just by implementing a few of the strategies that we suggested.

People are always concerned about will how much is it going to cost me to do this service. One thing I always want them to understand we’re very transparent about our fee. It's a flat fee of $495 just to sit down and talk and come up with a game plan and share that with you.